Come out and party with DJ Wasabi @ Insomnia!

300x300Everyone knows that Friday is for suckers and that Saturday night is Mauritius’s true “going out” night. But where to go?

Let me introduce a candidate: this Saturday, one of Aussieland’s finest DJ, DJ Wasabi, will get behind the decks at Insomina, Grand-Bay. It’ll be a night of good tunes, sick beats, and lots of vinyl scratching.

DJ Wasabi has acquired quite a reputation and large following of fans throughout his 15 years behind the decks. DJ Wasabi was an ARIA award winner in 2004 for his turntable work on the Scared Weird Little Guys’ album, Bits and Pieces. Apparently, he enjoys : eating lollies, lighting and all things to do with lights, lasers etc, scratching, making beats, programming, and is nicknamed “smoke dog” a name he earned for his reputation of making turntables smoke with his hyper-charged scratching.

DJ Wasabi’s tunes will get you dancing and obnoxiously telling everyone around you how much you love this effing song. So come out to Insomnia on Saturday the 24th of August and help to put together a crazy set for this one and make it a huge ! Click on The Event more details.

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